About us

At The Design Impact, our mission is to seamlessly blend the art of interior design with the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, creating spaces that inspire and uplift. Our goal is simple yet powerful: to make good design accessible to all, and elevate the vibrations of homes around the world through Beauty and Harmony.

We believe that the spaces we inhabit have the potential to transform our lives. By integrating the principles of Feng Shui with interior design, we can surround ourselves with positive energy and harmony. We're passionate about helping you to experience the transformative power of interior design and Feng Shui. Join us on this journey as we redefine what it means to live in spaces that radiate Beauty, Harmony, and well-being.

Welcome to The Design Impact.

Founder and creative lead

Hi, I’m Suo. I was born and raised in Taiwan. In third grade, I took an extracurricular art class. Unbeknownst to me, my teacher submitted my work for a national competition, and I won first place! That was the start of my passion to make this world an even more beautiful place. My goal is to make art approachable and to help people engage in art by experiencing it, living it and being surrounded by beauty. I create art with the three-dimensional spaces where people live, eat, work and play.

With 25+ years of experience working in some of the largest design firms, I believe the environment can elevate your senses through balance of light and color, texture, smell, and sound. Your home should be an extension of your inner world and reflect who you are. I will work with you to create the sanctuary you’ve always dreamed about, from one room to an entire home or business space.

Working with Feng Shui is going back to my roots and my cultural lineage. This work is my soul’s purpose - to raise the vibration one space at a time through the beauty of interior design and the power of Feng Shui. My goal is to empower you with this ancient knowledge, so you have the tools to shift the energy in your own space to be in harmony with the natural energy that surrounds all of us.​

Bringing interior design and Feng Shui together provides the most potential to powerfully transform and support your life in every aspect; however, they are also offered separately depending on your needs. Each aspect influences the other. I design with a Feng Shui eye and approach Feng Shui with my interior design expertise in mind as they are interconnected. Good design is good Feng Shui!​

On a personal note, I travel extensively around the world; as a result I bring a culmination of cultural understanding to my design. As a daily practice, I start and end my day with gratitude meditation and use Qi Gong (an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that integrates moving meditation, breathing technique, posture, and movement) and yoga to move energy through the body, mind and spirit so it can radiate out to my own space and into the world.

I am passionate about transforming ordinary spaces to enhance your everyday experiences through interior design and Feng Shui. Are you ready to maximize the potential of your space and see what it can do for you?