Feng Shui


Benefit Of Feng Shui

  • Promote positive energy flow with Harmony and Balance
  • Enhance Prosperity and Abundance
  • Increase Clarity and Focus by creating a space that is calm and organized
  • Support Health and Wellness
  • Improve Relationships by creating a harmonious environment 
  • Empower you in a space you can thrive in

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Eastern design philosophy centered on balancing the energy in your home. It has been around for over 4,000 years and it’s still popular today. Feng Shui is the study and optimization of energy (Chi) within a space. Translated to English, “Feng” means wind and “Shui” means water. Wind and water represent the natural energy flow. By understanding how to influence the flow of energy in your space, Feng Shui empowers you to neutralize negative energies and harness the good energies to maximize your life potential.

Feng Shui is the art of arranging your environment to promote energy flow throughout your home or business. The underlying principle in Feng Shui is that when energy flows well in your space, everything else in your life will also flow effortlessly. It can enhance wealth and abundance, improve your relationships and career, improve health and well-being, create harmony in your home and in turn your life. We spend on average 90% of our time indoors, and as a result we are affected by this invisible energy that surrounds us. Feng Shui allows us to be in the flow of energy around us and remove energy that blocks us consciously or unconsciously in our spaces.

Feng Shui uses the five elements theory - Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. The Five Elements are believed to be the fundamental elements of everything in the universe among which interactions occur. The goal is to have the right balance of these elements in your space to promote harmony, and invite peace, balance and prosperity into your home and your life.

Feng Shui by Design

As an expert in this ancient art form, The Design Impact will analyze the energy blueprint of your space using Classical Feng Shui and suggest placement of objects, artwork, furniture, colors, and other factors that can influence the flow of energy in your home. At The Design Impact, we use Feng Shui best practices to create spaces that promote good energy flow and maximize the potential of your home or business. As designers, we strive to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional. By combining beauty and harmony, we create well-balanced spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and conducive to the flow of positive energy.  We invite you to experience the transformative power of interior design and Feng Shui.

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"Suo has a passion for her work that is unlike any other! The Design Impact provided a very detailed and helpful Feng Shui analysis of my apartment. I was amazed at how accurate the "existing" findings were, the state of the energy in my home and how that was affecting my life - it was dead on in an almost creepy way the areas that were lacking and needing space adjustments to balance the energy. There was an near instant impact when remedies were implemented, my home is now better able to support me. I was provided many options for what the solutions could look like which gave me a lot of flexibility about how when to integrate them into my home. I have a great tool now and will continue looking to Suo for her expertise on ensuring my home is nice and balanced going forward as well. Thank you!"

Michelle, Global Account Director at Experiential Design Firm – Brooklyn, NY

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"What an experience! Suo made this process easy, accessible, and extremely informative all along the way. She has really helped to demystify Feng Shui for me and made it fun to incorporate it into my existing space and lifestyle in practical and manageable ways. I've been slowly implementing the elements with her encouragement and support since the initial consultation. I've since noticed a gentle shift in the areas of my life I've felt needed movement."

Lorna, Psychotherapist – London, UK

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"I was feeling stagnant with my work and needed to get a project moving forward. I used The Design Impact to come into my apartment, where I work, to see if they could help. Suo quickly reviewed the Feng Shui of the space and gave me suggestions for items to move and things to add to improve the energy flow. Within 2 weeks we signed a contract! We have continued to work together focusing on different areas to improve while at the same time using her design skills to make the apartment more polished and beautiful! She always has a great idea for problem solving in small spaces. Couldn’t be happier!"

Kristi, Real Estate Developer – Midtown, NYC

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"Suo was a pleasure to work with and truly professional. She was patient and understanding of any skepticism that I had and rose above it. She was always ready with another suggestion or alternative remedy. She put a lot of effort into the report and installation of the remedies. She was available after the initial session and answered all of my questions. I would wholeheartedly recommend her for anyone looking to enhance their lives with Feng Shui."

Bette, Managing Executive at Architecture Design Firm – Upper West Side, NYC

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"Suo designed my dental office and we are thrilled with the result. She was onsite since the beginning helped integrate modern clean design with Feng Shui. Would continue to work with her on future projects."

Dr. Loflin, Dentist – Central Park South, NYC