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Indigo Aphrodite

Healing Ritual Kit

Healing Ritual Kit

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 Introducing our Healing Ritual Kit:

Unlock powerful protection from negative energy and find relief from stress and anxiety with our curated collection.

  • Harness the healing power of Amethyst, a potent stress reliever and anxiety dispeller.
  • The kit includes Amethyst druzy, Clear quartz point, fragrant sage smudge wand, aromatic Palo Santo stick, raw selenite wand, Moon + Jai matches, and detailed instructions for ritual and crystal care.
  • Elevate your ritual experience with carefully selected elements, enhancing Amethyst's protective and healing energies.
  • Presented in a stylish black pull-out drawer box, this kit embodies elegance and functionality.

Empower yourself with the Healing Ritual Kit, a harmonious blend of crystal energy and spiritual practice designed to create a shield of positivity and tranquility in your life.


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